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About the Craft Corner

We as owners of the craft corner simply love CRAFTS... we wanted to make a place that provides all the kinds of craft material that anyone could need to make any craft projects... it being a personal house project, a school project, a children's craft.. anything you can think of... 


Apart from selling all raw materials that can be used for crafts in general, we also make our own designs of handmade and special products that are unique only in our shop. These include home decorations, gifts, baby products, costumes, hats, party decorations, school labels and much more...

All our products can be personalized and customized to just exactly what you want in terms of design, materials, names, messages ... just imagine it and we can make it for you...

On another note, we are also specialized in making personalized school labels, pencil cases, bag tags, lunch box labels, water bottles, homework planners and teacher planners, all done in your own name and special design.

Additionally we also provide a section in the shop, where we accept school students to come and help them in making their school projects. The children can come alone or in groups and we will sure help them come up with the best of projects, yet we try as much as possible to have them make everything on their own.

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